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Experiment 9

Digital Lab 9 Using Multisim


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To investigate the operation of a NAND gate


multiSIM schematics program
One 74LS00D integrated circuit (NAND)
One 470 OHM resistor
Several Wires
One 5V VCC
One Word Generator-XWG2
One Grounding Device
One Ground



  1. Open up multiSIM
  2. Click on the sources button on the right side of the screen and choose one of each of the circled objects (note:see picture below)
  3. Place each of the objects on the field. The object that looks like an arrow pointing down is the grounding device. It automatically grounds all gates. The Vxx object is the 5V VCC. It also automatically powers all gates. The last object is the ground. This ground is necessary for grounding the LED as the grounding device does not ground all electric components.
  4. Next, Get a 74LS00D integrated circuit(NAND) (See picture below)
  5. Place the NAND gate and then get an LED (See picture below)
  6. Place the LED and then get a 470 ohms resistor (See pictures below)
  7. Now that you have most of the components place them in an organized fashion on the field (See picture below)
  8. In order to connect components click on the circle of the NAND gate and then click on one end of a resistor. This will create a wire. Now connect the rest of the components like the above picture.
  9. Now you will need a word generator for the input into the NAND gate. First you have to click on the instruments button.

    When the instruments window pops up, pick the word generator.

    The word generator looks like this:

    Now just wire it up like this: (Make sure that input A goes in the first 0 and input B goes into the second 0).

    Now you have to double click on the word generator to bring up the generator configure box. Change the final(red cirlced thing) to 0003 and then press enter

    Now turn on the circuit by clicking on the switch


Input A Input B Output
High High
High Low
Low High
Low Low


  1. Describe the input states required to obtain an output at 5 volts
  2. Describe the input states required to obtain an output at 0 volts
  3. What does the N stand for in the word NAND?
  4. What is the relationship between AND and NAND gates
  5. How do you power all the chips/gates on the field using multisim components?
  6. How would you increase the inputs from 4 inputs to 8 in the word generator?(HINT: think of the "final" function in the word generator)


Summarize how the output of a NAND gate responds to its inputs.

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