North Park Secondary School

Computer Engineering 11 (ICE 3M0)

Visual Basic

Basic Tutorial


  • To investigate the operation the Visual BASIC compiler and how to use it.

  • A quick tutorial on how to make the simple 4x4 LED display program in Visual Basic.
    1. Open Visual Basic
    2. Choose the standard exe program. See the picture
    3. Create a command button and place it on the program board. See the picture
    4. Double click on the command button and insert your code that communicates with the printer port
    5. Close the code and insert the ioport activeX control module by right clicking on the side bar and selecting components.
      Now select the ioport activeX control module. Now place it on the board.
    6. That is necessary for the basic


    If the code you programmed was supposed to make each individual LED turn on respectively for 2 second intervals each, did the program and LED Matrix work?
     Some of it
     LED Matrix?
     Where am I?


    1. What do you have to change in the Visual Basic Code to turn on a LED?
    2. What is the difference in addressing the port from QBASIC to VBasic?


    Summarize what happened when you set up the code and LED Matrix.

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