North Park Secondary School

Computer Engineering 11 (ICE 3M0)

Experiment 5

4x4 Lab 5

Individual Study Unit

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  • To investigate the operation of a 4X4 LED Matrix using a program in QBASIC.
  • To create your own program that will make a design/letter/number/picture using the 4X4 LED Matrix Display.


    One SK-50 breadboarding socket
    Sixteen LED's
    Four 1 KOHM resistors
    Four Transistors
    Plenty of Wires
    One 9V Battery for testing
    Computer w/ access to the parallel port.
    Qbasic Program




    There is no source code provided as YOU have to come up with your own this time.


    1. Assemble the circuit on the breadboard according to the pictorial above.
    2. Create your own program.
    3. Run the Program.
    4. Contact the teacher when the 4X4 Matrix is up and running.


    If the code you programmed was supposed to make the 4X4 LED Matrix make a design/letter/number/picture, did the program and LED Matrix work?
     Some of it
     LED Matrix?
     Where am I?


    1. What is the address for line 1, line 2, line 3 and line 4?
    2. At the end of the code what is nessicary for turning off all the LED's?


    Summarize what happened when you set up the code and LED Matrix.

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